We get lots of questions about who we work with so we decided to start interviewing our amazing VIPs so you could get to know them better. 

We're excited to introduce you to Laural Home (www.lauralhome.com) an amazing online retailer and manufacturer and our VIP partner making bedding for our Rainbow Seeds Collection by Lisa Audit

Laural Home Team developing ideas for bedding using 

Laural Home Team developing ideas for bedding using 

Laural Home is a talented group that have taken Lisa's beautiful, garden-inspired art and transformed it into an amazing bedding collection.

Each item is custom made and digitally printed which means they can develop top-quality bedding for a great price in a fraction of the time. 


Family run by the Tweel's, they are fantastic to work with. Their tight-knit creative staff have a passion for home decor and a good eye for art and design. 

Don and Florence Tweel

Don and Florence Tweel

Florence Tweel at work

Florence Tweel at work

We are thrilled with the bedding collection they have developed. The colors are vibrant and crisp and truly capture the essence of Lisa's work. 

QUESTION: Why do you think the Rainbow Seeds collection is so popular?

This collection is a fresh take on spring colors. It's an attractive, appealing multi-color scheme. The collection subtly incorporates market trends like watercolors, gold foil, tie-dye, and bohemian prints all the while representing classic patterns done in vibrant colors. The patterns themselves are so detailed and beautifully painted that a customer is getting a piece of art.  It can appeal to a younger AND sophisticated customer. 

QUESTION: What has been your design teams reaction to the collection?

All the patterns and colors are so fun to work with. There's tons of ways to mix and match these patterns to create entirely different looks in bedding.  The collection has a romantic spring feel. 

QUESTION: Each piece is made to order ... how do you do that?

A proprietary technique - we can't share that! 

QUESTION:  What's your design teams favorite books to snuggle down and read in bed with?

  • Florence - Cutting For Stone
  • Kathy- Starting the epic journey of the Harry Potter series
  • Tori - Anything by author Gillian Flynn
  • Caitlin - The latest People Style Watch magazine