Acrylic and Lucite Home Decor and Accessories

It's Friday and there is nothing like a little clarity going into the weekend. And by clarity I mean our obsession with acrylic and Lucite furniture and decor for the home.

Furniture, frames and accessories made from see-through materials look amazing in spaces where there is lots of color, pattern and texture on walls and floors. Acrylic and Lucite are also perfect in small spaces where you don't want to add any more weight to a room. 

Too much of this look can make a space look cold and under-dressed but a few well-appointed pieces can be a show stopper. If you love the look, but feel like it is too cold, some simple accessories are perfect or the adorable chair and couch legs we're seeing everywhere. 

Here's what we are loving

Let's Be Claer

Swarovski t5 light, 1,665 CAD / Surya blue glass table lamp, 360 CAD / Nomess toilet tissue holder, 53 CAD / Glass bar cart, 2,250 CAD / Kate Spade 5x7 frame, 115 CAD / Kate Spade frame, 115 CAD / Tufted sofa, 1,600 CAD / Tufted chair, 1,065 CAD / Lucite coffee table, 1,865 CAD / Acrylic side table, 1,330 CAD

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